Linear Bottle Filler By Counting Machine

The Counting Machine is suitable for a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals and food to hardware and plastics. It is an essential tool for counting capsules, tablets, granules and other drugs. With a professional and easy-to-use design, the Counting Machine is a must-have for any business that needs to count large numbers of items quickly and accurately.


  • Includes a 7 inch full color touch screen that can be adjusted for integral speed particle counting. 
  • The machine is easy to operate with its human machine interface.
  • The tack type, double channel design can increase counting speeds
  • While the 100 sets of working parameter settings allow for quick line changes with no need to reset
  • It is a versatile and easy-to-use device that is perfect for counting a variety of different shaped products. 
  • The counting parts of this device are designed to rise and fall with the motion you want with the stepless adjustment. It can be adjusted between 50-250 mm, allowing for precise measurement in any situation!
  • The dust protection cover ensures hygiene for products. 
  • The conveyor equipment allows for docking with front and rear equipment.
  • It is a high-speed, infrared electronic grain meter that automatically obtains the sensitivity value and material characteristics of your product. This makes it easy to set parameters and ensure accuracy.
  • High-speed CAN bus control.
  • Easy to expand the number of grain channels as needed.

Mechanical Characteristics:

  • It features a second-stage vibrating pan feeding system that can easily control the material fluidity and continuity, as well as avoid any stacking of materials.
  • It has a double-channel control unit which allows for optional switching and independent control of dual-outlet and single-outlet use, giving you greater flexibility in how you use it.
  • With an infrared electronic counting head, the Counting Machine can real-time monitor material passing conditions with high-speed resolution and rapid response.
  • This helpful machine is perfect for those who need a quick and accurate way to count things. With its electric gate, the Counting Machine can quickly intercept materials and ensure accuracy.
  • With one-button automatic up and down capabilities, it can easily adapt to different heights of bottles – its intelligent operation makes it a breeze to use.
pharmaceutical pill/tablet counter machine designed by xfilpak