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The best machinery to pack snacks will depend on the type of snack, the desired packaging format, production volume, and other specific requirements. There are various packaging machines available for different types of snacks. Here are some common ones used in the snack industry:

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) Machine

HFFS machines are suitable for forming, filling, and sealing bags in a horizontal orientation. They are commonly used for products like granola bars and small cookies.

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) Machine

VFFS machines are versatile and widely used for packaging a wide range of snacks, including chips, popcorn, nuts, and other dry snacks. They form bags from a roll of film, fill the bags with snacks, and then seal them.

Flow Wrapping Machine

Flow wrappers are ideal for individually packaging snacks such as candy bars, crackers, and cookies. They wrap the products tightly in a continuous film, providing a secure and presentable package.

Stick Pack Machine

Stick pack machines are suitable for producing single serve stick packs of snacks such as popsicle.

Horizontal fill seal (HFS) Machine

Stand-up pouches can be heat sealed, making them perfect for a variety of snack products. And because they’re customized, you can choose the perfect size, material, and printing to make your product pop.

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Multihead Weighing Machine

Multihead weighers are used in combination with other packaging machines to ensure accurate and consistent filling of snacks into bags or containers. They are commonly used for products like nuts, candies, and small snacks.

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