Packaging Machinery for Pet Food

Premade pouch bag for pet food

We Have The Machinery for Pet Food

You would need the specific machinery depends on the type of pet food (dry, wet, or treats), the packaging materials, the desired packaging format (bags, cans, pouches, etc.), and your production volume.

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machine(Bagger)

These machines create bags from a roll of film, then fill them with pet food and seal them. Flexibility and efficiency are the most significant benefits of VFFS machines.

Horizontal fill seal (HFS) Machine (Bagger)

Pre-made pouch machines are designed to fill and seal pre-made pouches, which can be more suitable for specific types of pet treats.

Montreal Premade pouch bagger
Premade Pouch Bagger
Premade pouch bag for pet food

Bulk Vibratory weigh filling machines

Bulk filling machines are specialized equipment used for efficiently filling large bags with dry pet food. These machines are designed to handle high volumes of product, reducing manual labor and increasing packaging speed. It can be semi-automatic , foot pedal to control manual filling of preformed bags. Or you can connect these weigh fillers to automatic bagging machines.

Bulk Filler
Bulk packaging industry

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