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Frozen food Packaging Industry

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To pack frozen food such as frozen fruits, vegetables, or prepared meals, efficiently and maintain its quality, several types of packaging machinery can be used. The choice of machinery depends on the specific type of frozen food, packaging format, production volume, and other requirements. Here are some commonly used machines for packaging frozen food:

Horizontal fill seal (HFS)machine

HFS machines, also known as the Pre-made pouch machines like our Pl 200 model are widely used for frozen food packaging due to their flexibility, speed, and ability to handle various pouch formats. They can efficiently pack frozen fruits, vegetables, frozen meals, and other frozen food items.

Montreal Premade pouch bagger
Pouch machine
Frozen food Packaging Industry
Frozen Burgers

Flow Wrappers

Flow wrapping machines are suitable for individually wrapping frozen food products like frozen bars, ice cream bars, or frozen novelties. They provide a tight seal around the product and are well-suited for high-speed packaging.

Flow Wrapper
Flow Wrapper
Flow rapper packaging style

VFFS machines are versatile and widely used for packaging frozen foods in various bag formats, such as pillow bags or gusseted bags. They form the pouch vertically, fill it with the frozen food, and then seal it. VFFS machines can handle both single-serve portions and larger family-sized packages.

vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) bagger
frozen fruits

Bulk /case filling machines

Bulk filling machines are specialized equipment used for efficiently filling large quantities of frozen products into bulk containers and cases for distribution and transportation. These machines are designed to handle high volumes of product, reducing manual labor and increasing packaging speed and accuracy.

Bulk Filler
Bulk Filling
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