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We Have The Machinery for Beauty and Cosmetic Products

When discussing cosmetic products, the choice of a filling machine or dosing system becomes significantly crucial, as it directly impacts both accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Selecting machinery that aligns with the unique characteristics of the beauty and cosmetic products being packaged, including factors like product viscosity, container type, and production volume, is of utmost importance. Furthermore, it’s essential to consider the desired level of automation and potential requirements for customization or specialized features. Below are some recommended filling machines for the beauty industry for filling and bagging system. 

Piston Filler (Dosing system )

Set free precision in beauty and skincare packaging with XFilPak’s Piston Filler. Piston filling machines use a piston to draw the beauty liquid into a cylinder and then dispense it into the bottles or bags. This method is precise and suitable for both low and high-viscosity liquids. Our piston filler with a servo motor operates in a highly precise and controlled manner, offering accurate filling capabilities.

Piston Filler for cosmetic packaging

Sachet Machines (Bagger)

Sachet Machines are used for single-use product samples or travel-sized cosmetic items. Sachet bagger can be equipped with an auger or piston filler to measure your beauty  product . 

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