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Concerning  packaging confectionery machinery, various types of packaging machines can be suitable, depending on the specific product requirements and desired packaging format. Must  be remembered the choice of the best machine depends on factors such as the type of candy or confectionery product, production volume, packaging speed, packaging material, and desired packaging format. Here are some commonly used machines for confectionery packaging:

Flow Wrappers

Flow wrapping machines are the smart choice  for individually wrapping or packaging such as  candies, chocolates, and other confectionery items. However they can handle various shapes and sizes of products and provide a tight and sealed package .

Montreal Flow Wrapper
Flow wrapper
Flow Wrapper bag style

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machine

Vertical Form, Fill , Seal (VFFS) machines are versatile and can package a wide range of candy and confectionery products. In short they form the pouch vertically, fill it with the candy, and then seal the top. 

vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) bagger

Premade Pouch bagger

 Premade Pouch Bagger like Xfilpak  Pl 200  can efficiently handle pre-made pouches to pack candies and other confectionery products. As a result they can be useful for various pouch formats and closure options.

Montreal Pouch Bagger
Premade pouch machine
Premade pouch bag for Pouch machine

Container and jar filling machines

Container filling in confectionary packaging solutions come in various types, such as manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic systems, depending on the confectionary’s production volume and needs. In short these filling machines  handle different types of products and container sizes to cater to the specific requirements of the confectionary’s product range.

Montreal Container Filling
Container filling machine
Confectionery Packaging Industry

Bulk /case filling machines

Bulk filling machines currently specialize in efficiently filling substantial quantities of confectionery products into bulk containers and cases for distribution and transportation. In short bulk filling machines  are crafted to manage high product volumes, enhancing operational efficiency and boosting packaging speed and accuracy.

Bulk Filler
Bulk Filling Machine
Bulk packaging industry

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