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Premade Pouch bag

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Packaging machinery for bakeries includes various equipment that automates the process of packaging bakery products. These machines boost productivity, reduce manual work, ensure consistent packaging, and maintain product quality. Here are some common types of packaging machinery used in bakeries:

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machine

VFFS machines are versatile and commonly used for packaging ground coffee, coffee beans. They form bags from a roll of film, fill the bags with the coffee product, and then seal them.

VFFS machines can produce both gusseted bags and pillow bags. The main differences between the VFFS machines for the pillow bag style and the gusseted bag style is  in the forming tube, sealing jaws, and the overall configuration of the machines, facilitating the production of each bag style.

vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) bagger
Gusseted bag made by VFFS

Pouch bagger equipped with an auger and a screw elevator

Our Stand-up Zipper Pouch Filling machines with Auger  are easy to use and built to  efficiently fill, and seal pre-made coffee bags with various closure options like zipper seals or heat seals. The Auger Filling is suitable for ground coffee.

Pouch Bagger
Premade pouch bag for Pouch machine

Stand-up Zipper Pouch machine equipped with 4 head weigher

The Stand-up Zipper Pouch Filling with linear weigher machines are easy to use and built to fill and seal pre-made pouches quickly and easily. With a simple design and user-friendly controls. This machine is recommended for coffee beans.  

frozen food packaging Montreal Quebec Canada
Pouch Bagger With Four Head Weigher
Premade Pouch bag

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