Packaging Machinery for Cheese and Dairy Products

Pillow bag for shredded cheese

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The suitable machine to pack cheese will depend on several factors, including the type of cheese, the desired packaging format, production volume, and other specific requirements. Here are some common packaging machines used in the cheese industry:

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) Machine (Bagger)

VFFS machines form bags from a roll of film in a vertical orientation, fill the bags with cheese, and then seal them. They are commonly used for packaging shredded or sliced cheese.

vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) bagger
Pillow bag for shredded cheese

Flow Wrapping Machine

Flow wrappers are ideal for packaging individual cheese blocks or bars. They wrap the cheese tightly in a continuous film, providing a secure and presentable package.

Flow Wrapper
Flow Wrapper
Flow rapper packaging style

Premade Pouch Machine (Bagger)

 The premade pouch machine can efficiently handle pre-formed pouches to pack cheese, and then seal them. This method is suitable for packaging shredded or grated cheese. Must be remembered the Premade pouch machine is only a Bagger that should be equipped  with the proper  dosing system based on your product .  

Montreal Premade pouch bagger
Pouch Bagger
Shredded cheese in premade pouch bag

Piston Fillers (Dosing )

Piston filling machines is a dosing system ,use a piston to draw the liquid into a cylinder and then dispense it into the bottles or bags. This method is precise and suitable for both low and high-viscosity liquids. Our piston filler with a servo motor operates in a highly precise and controlled manner, offering accurate filling capabilities.

Piston Filler

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