Machine d'emballage en stick

Whether it’s for powdered supplements, granulated products, or liquid formulations, XFilPak  Machine offers a smooth  packaging process, enhancing both the presentation and practicality of your products on the market.

Stick pack machine

Stick Pack Machine  Performance and Work Principles

A  machine in a 4-lane or 8-lane configuration works by simultaneously forming, filling, and sealing multiple stick packs, providing increased production efficiency. Here’s a simplified overview of how it works:

Film Unwinding: Rolls of packaging film are unwound for each lane, creating separate webs of material.

Forming: The packaging material is formed into a tube for each lane, creating individual pathways for the stick packs.

Remplissage: The product is measured and dispensed into each tube simultaneously for all lanes, ensuring equal and precise filling. Your dosing system depends on the product for liquid a piston filler is recommended. 

Sealing: The top of each stick pack is sealed, creating separate, sealed units.

Cutting: The continuous strip of sealed stick packs is cut into individual units for each lane.

Collection or Dispensing: Depending on the machine’s design, the finished stick packs may be collected for further packaging, or they may be dispensed directly into containers or packaging for distribution.

 In conclusion the key advantage of a multi-lane stick pack machine lies in its ability to increase production throughput, as it processes several lanes simultaneously. This is especially beneficial in industries where high-volume production are essential. The precise details can vary based on the specific model and features of the stick pack machine