Toronto Packaging Machinery

a landscape of saskatchewan

XFilPak manufactures industrial packaging machinery for many industries included but not limited to: 

  • Industry of baked products
  • Bulk & food service
  • Confiserie
  • Frozen food
  • Fruit & vegetable
  • Meal kit
  • Pet food
  • Poudre
  • Feuilles de bébé
  • Beauty & cosmetics
  • Cheese & dairy products
  • Café
  • Snack food
  • Drinks, beverages & liquids

We are proud to provide packaging machinery to the great province of Toronto.

a landscape of saskatchewan

Packaging Machinery Offered By XFilPak

Packaging machinery can be divided into several categories. The most notable ones include fillers, baggers, bottling machines, tray fillers, tray denesters, and labelers.

Fillers are machines that can weigh and measure specific amounts of powders, granules or liquids, and provide that exact amount to fill packages. For example, if you want a package to have exactly 100 grams of powder, there are fillers that can do that precisely.

Baggers, on the other hand, receive the specific amount of product loaded by fillers, and package that into bags. So, using the same example of 100 grams of powder previously weighed out and provided by fillers, baggers are used to package that 100-gram amount into a specific bag.

Bottling machines are designed specifically to fill bottles or carry out operations such as capping the bottles.

Tray fillers and tray denesters, as their names suggest, are machines capable of handling trays, clamshells, and similar packages.

Finally, labelers are machines specifically intended for adding labels to packages of any variety – bottles, pouches, trays, clamshells, and more.

XFIlPak offers all of these types of machinery as separate units or combined into larger systems, depending on your specific needs. Consultation and analysis of your requirements is free of charge. Utilizing automation for your packaging needs can help increase your profits. We take pride in offering automation machinery that can help increase your profits.