Auger Filling Machine made in Canada

Auger Filling Machine

A filling machine that uses  a helical screw-like device to dispense and fill products is  an “Auger Filler.” These machines are commonly used for filling dry and powder products like spices, flour, coffee, and similar granular or powdery substances.

Auger Filler Made in Canada
Auger Filling Machine

Auger Filler’s Major Components

With its major components including a hopper, tooling, and drive assembly, this machine can handle both small and large jobs with ease. its precision filling capabilities make it perfect for food, pharmaceutical, and chemicals industries where accurate dosages are critical. 


The hopper is a vital part of the auger filling machine, storing the product until it is ready to dispense.  With each cycle, the filler dispenses a precise amount of the product into the package, ensuring that your products are always accurate and consistent. 

The material moves from the hopper to the tooling, making sure that your product is always protected and ready to use.


Introducing the game-changing tooling! The tooling is designed to be versatile and easily customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re working with different materials or require different components, the tooling can be adapted to suit your requirements.

This innovative device is composed of an auger screw, funnel/tube, and agitator blade, which can be customized or changed to accommodate your specific type of product (free-flow or non-free-flow). Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, reduce costs, or achieve a better end result, the tooling is designed to provide maximum efficiency and productivity, so you can get the job done right the first time. With the tooling installed on our augers, you’ll be able to tackle any project with ease.

Drive Assembly: 

The Drive Assembly is a crucial part of the auger filling machine, providing precise fills with its start/stop, motor, and transmission components. Servo/brake and clutch systems are included in some models for even greater accuracy and control. 

There are two primary drivers in these machines:

  1. The auger drive controls the rotations and speed of the auger screw 
  2. The agitator drive controls the agitator blade’s low speed and counter-rotation. 

With these two drives working in harmony, the auger filling machine is able to provide accurate, consistent fills every time.

Control system: 

The Control System is a key component of any industrial machine. It allows the operator to regulate settings on these devices, and can be done through the PLC program installed on the control panel and its touch screens (HMI) for an easier interface. This ensures that your machines are always running at optimal levels, and that you can make changes on the fly if needed. With this system in place, you’ll be able to keep your production line moving smoothly and efficiently!

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